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Education for a child begins as early as the mother conceives, the very righteous example we have is from the Indian mythology of Abhimanyu the son of Arjun and Subhadra who could learn to enter the Chakrayuh because of the story he listened in his mother’s womb.  Therefore, it is a well-acknowledged fact that education and learning have no bounds and limits.  The beginning of the formal education of the child allows them to prepare themselves to step into the real world.  Therefore, at such a stage parents hold much greater responsibility to choose the right school for the child as the schools now share the accountability not only for imparting bookish education but shaping the overall persona and values in citizens of tomorrow.  It is widely accepted that the decision making capability and the personality of a person is defined by the childhood learning experience.

The thoughts of contributing to mental, physical, emotional, and social aspects of the development of a child are paramount at MITS International School in Jadan village of Pali district.  The focus of school education is about the holistic development of a child rather than just the tool to earn a degree and get monetary benefits.  The various aspects of education at MITS International School are evident right from the serene pollution free campus environs and aesthetically developed campus.  The school aims to inculcate healthy thought processes and groom cognitive skills.

The school works around keeping in mind the various aspects of child growth keeping balance with modern education.  Some of these are:

Mental Aspects

MITS International School plays a pivotal role in imparting basic formal education which exposes the child to the learning of language, mathematics, science, humanities, culture, and many other subjects as decided by CBSE. The study of these subjects opens the horizons of academic wisdom for the child.

Physical Aspects

Physical growth is an essential part of the progress of every living being.  The humans when exposed to the same age individuals learn the various aspects of channelizing the energies in positive directions.  The well planned and executed sports and cultural activities at the school expose the child to boundless opportunities to be a socially suitable individual.

Emotional & Social Aspects

Always being in the same social set up breeds the behavioral challenges, due to over proximity the child faces emotional stagnancy therefore, meeting new same age people at school teaches the best conduct to the students.  MITS International School taking into account the aspects needed for emotional and social rejuvenation plans to organize various practices to instill empathy, compassion, participation, leadership, friendship etc. needed for emotional health.

The MITS International School in Pali district right from its inception aims to deliver excellence in all-rounded development of the child and contribute to the societal development of the region.

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